keskiviikko 8. toukokuuta 2013

Hibernation is the best nation

After some very unfruitful winter months back to pirate dxing. Loggings made with Mauno Ritola's SDR located in Joensuu and Twente SDR. Hopefully in near future I can sit in front of "real radio" in Padasjoki once again. 

May 7th

1617-1847 6305 Radio Odynn, smelled like teen spirit while ghost riders attacked from sky. Ended with national anthem of Netherlands. :-D
1700-1821 6280 Telstar Radio, great programme with Golden Oldies, greets to Jari, Caro, Pluto, BA, etc. Heino records.
1823 6345 Radio ACDC. (Twente)
1826 6290 Radio Foxfire. (Twente)
1851 6305 Radiorob, report from Rotterdam to Odynn after Odynn cd. (Twente)
1905 6290 Radio Black Arrow. Greets to Doc, Lowland, etc. Goldfinger and Sandstorm on player.
1917 6300 Radio Luxembourg. Very treble-dominated sound this time. Propaganda transmission. (It played Duel.)
2003 1640 Radio Caldera. Power raised to 300 watts and heard for the first time by me.
2040 1647 Radio Armada. Calipso-like power, almost. Little Lies.
2054 1654 Vuurvogel. Reports to Caldera and Armada.
2110 1656 Studio 69. Short QSO. Greets to Wire and Jari.

A lot of activity during ordinary Tuesday evening!